Tourist Information (Part 2)

    When we go to Tawangmangu, we can go by car, vehicle, motor cycle, or bus (Rukun Sayur, Langsung Jaya, or Setia Usaha). The bends wait you to enjoy your journey  following the road hills raining or breaking sun, cool in wind blowing so soft in places with green trees. The people is so kind, and friendship. They like to join  a civil society corporation.  The weather is cool in here. We often find cloud turns and covers slowly  green hills and landscape gardens, before the rain comes to be dew as waterdusts in early morning, at noon even in cool night. Mindwhile some  polite girls offer us some boilt sweet corns in cottage(not more than five thousand rupiahs)and smilling humble people greets us. some kind cultures are overthere as like ' Bersih Desa' (the people in certain village has the ceremony of 'Bersih Desa' ( or Clean Village) their activities such as sweeping the graveyards, praying, and eating variaties of food,The ceremony of Dukutan, The ceremony of Mondosio etc (each of their cultures in area of Karanganyar, especially Tawangmangu has a specific tradition). The people also has some kind of religions, Islam, Cristian, Chatolic, Budha etc. (Majority of the people religion is Islam and all people lives in peace overthere). The voice of the beat rhytim of kenthongan which is hitted (thong, thong, thong..klek oklek,oklek,oklek), in the far from our ears the sign when something happended in village in hill asking for people to gather. (Kenthongan is made off bamboo or a part of long log or big branch of wood). Some people in village  still use 'areng' (wood is burned after devided in  little pieces),some use some dried little branch woods.
     There are a district with one chairman called Camat, most of chairmen (10 villages) stay in villages called Kepala Desa or Kepala Kelurahan, the office is called 'Kelurahan' and 'Desa', a part of regent  of Karanganyar, Central Java, east of Solo, Central Java, bridge hill of Lawu Mountain between East and Central Java. Most of people jobs are farmers, a part merchants, other officers and teachers. It is devided into two part fields outhere, rice field to the bottom,  a part sweet potatos, cassavas, and middle and up  union or garlic, and some vegetables plant. The government works hard to build this area into Nasional Park for Tourism as like building Tourist Market, and some companies support to build beautiful Park, Grojogan Sewu (water fall 'Grojogan Sewu', Balekambang Park, Camping Park (to camp, swimming pool, go car motor, flying fox), Sekar Jinggo forest, and Cemoro Kandang or Cemoro Sewu or called the thousand casuarina trees (because there are full of casuarina's trees) and Black Pines (some use their liquid for Painting Batik Cloth (which is called Malem). The climbers often go to the top of Lawu mountain throught this place. Tawangmangu is Tourism Park, one of Protection forests of government. The animals are deers (a little), tigers (a little), pig forest, mongkeys, guinea pig (as like hamster), birds. We also see handycrafts, Batik cloths, bag tourism, and special delicious foods as like, 'sate kelinci' or 'rabbit' sate, sate ayam or 'chicken sate', in a round of outside of Grojogan Sewu Park. It has some restaurants, nasional and international hotels and villas. in early morning, the owner of horse (called Turonggo) offers for  sighseeing a round in beautiful scenery, Tawangmangu Town. Wellcome to Tawangmangu.(Be continued).
The cabbage's field (Kalisoro's hill)

The Casuarina trees (Tawangmangu's hill)
Sekar Jinggo Hill. some hotels and for camp (Kalisoro Village)
'Cloud' in Sekar Jinggo's forest

'Gethuk Singkong' (taken from google)
'Utri' is made of cassava (taken from google)
'Mangkring Isi Daging Sayur' (Fried Cracker consists meat and vegetable))(taken from google)

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