Tourist Information Part 3

"Not more than 500-750 visitors in certain days climbed Lawu Montain", said one of the members of Anak Lawu, a group of Lawu Guide. Tawangmangu town is located 42 kms east of city of Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. Peak MT Lawu has altitude of 3265 mals with air temperature at night 4 C up to 5 C in the morning. Lane ascent has five shelters (posts) which can used to take a rest with the distance 4-5 hours.  The place which name is Argodalem we find relics of Brawijaya, the King of Majapahit, The Hindu Kingdom Latest of Greatest in Java Island.
       The beautiful natural park around us, we can enjoy them. Hortus Medicus is Jamu research Hospital ( a kind of Clinic Herbal), belongs to Departement of Health of Indonesia  with beautiful garden, it is called  'Jamu Health Tourism'. On Desember 2012, 1947 patients came to there. Camping resort and Sekipan forest for camp( It can be built tents in their parks)There are some National and International Hotels and Villas in cheap. They present from a humble or luxurious buildings, but clean rooms, suitable with our need, as like bathroom a tradition of Indonesia (water in box by taking water with a little bucket), or bathtub can be found. According to my friends Mr. Candra H, a staf and a giude of Komajaya Komaratih hotel and Mr. Joko Suyono (a guide),tourists ever came to Tawangmangu as in, Dutch, Ireland,France, England, Italia, USA and Canada.etc. They like to take a vacation by going for trekking or hiking on path around on the hills from Sukuh Temple to Tawangmangu Town, a green bridge hill Ngargoyoso district to Tawangmangu district.(special thanks to BPTO and 'Anak Lawu' tend to the discriptions and Komajaya Komaratih Hotel for these photos.(to be continued).

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